Wild Goose Chase

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intetain: wild goose chase

Wild goose chase3.jpg

everybody has 2 geese board setup: with potentially multiple paths: move squares and blanks -- you cannot stop on a blank, but you can fly over the blank

begin state: each goose has 3 food in his stomach and starts at one of the first squares at one side of the track

turn: pick one of your geese to or 1) eat food -- if your geese are adjacent (not diagonal) if one eats, they both get food or 2) move at the cost of one eaten food per square -- geese cannot be more than 6 manhattan spaces away from eachother you cannot fly if you have more than 3 pieces of food in your stomach (dynamic friction) there can only be one goose on a square or 3) buy a dice throw for 3 pieces of food: the number you role is the maximum number of squares you can move/fly

the goal: to escape the farmer! not to get eaten! to move your geese of the board on the end side

optional feedback: - if you wait one turn you get 1 food, if you then wait a second turn you get 2 food (instead of 1) etc. - you can spend food to increase your subsequent food - harder to get food towards the end of the game/board

Wild goose chase1.jpg

Wild goose chase2.jpg