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  • Use a pseudo random generator and store the seeds of a play with the data collected by a graphs so that a session can be replayed. Also add the possibility to start a hand-seeded session.
  • Saving does not seem to work from a browser. (I could no longer reproduce this problem)
  • add a tool tip that shows you the script of an artificial player.
  • measure flow through a gate in a chart or a bar chart
  • Redo the Library
  • Add the option for a static diagram representation
  • There is no INSERT key for mac, so I need to change that particular interface
  • Make it more clear how much resources have already been pulled.
  • Fix the resource flow so that the diagram is actually always instantaneous.
  • In instantaneous mode, check conditions at the start of each iteration!!
  • Make color-coding an optional setting of the diagrams (color coding on or off)
  • Kim's suggestions
  • p for pushing or pulling (use a more intuitive symbol)?
  • Put code base on GitHub
  • Visualize action points in turn-based mode
  • time delay gate (a gate that holds the resources for a while, great for building times etc.)
  • toggle nodes (a source that can be switch on or off)

Version 3.5

Talked to my professor again. He wanted a version that would be completely deterministic. And he was right of course. Enter version 3.5 (because that version number sounds so fashionable). Will be out soon. Biggest changes:

  • Diagrams now have three time modes: real-time, strict, and turn-based
  • Diagrams now have two distribution modes: fixed speed, and instantaneous
  • Set the activation mode of the nodes directly (instead of some under the hood interpretation): passive, interactive, automatic, or onStart
  • Set the pull mode of nodes directly (instead of some under the hood interpretation): any, or all/none
  • Better color coding to support card based games.
  • New values for resource connections: drawn, and all
  • New names for some elements

version 3.0

Version 3.0 was the result of some comments by my promotor. The major difference is that all connections now only have one modifier. And gates work slightly better (more consistent). I also redid the entire drawing engine, which should speed up diagrams. For the major differences between the versions look here.

  • make sure that both backspace and delete work (for Mac users).(done)
  • rename clickable to interactive. (done)
  • +10% does not work, you should use +10, need to fix this. (done)

version 2.1

  • Drains and Converters pull resources even when there are not sufficient resources on the element they are pulling from, but only when there is only one connection leading into the drain or converter (done)
  • Pools now pull resources even when even when there are not sufficient resources on the element they are pulling from. (done)
  • Added modifier intervals (such as 2/5 or D6/2, etc) where the /x means per x seconds or turns, see Intervals (done)
  • Modifier intervals can be randomized, such as 2/D6 or D3/D3. (done)
  • Modifier intervals can be changed by using interval change modifiers (+1i, -2i). (done)
  • Clicking new also clears the name in the save as SVG dialog. (done)
  • Knots are now called Gates (done)
  • AIBoxes are now called ArtificialPlayers (done)
  • Fixed a bug with the display of Charts reported by Ernest Adams (done)
  • Connections into a charts are hidden and replaced by two pins indicating what the chart is displaying (done), although these do not show up on an export to svg (considering).

version 2.0

Version 2.0 is a major overhaul that changed some of the interaction concepts, addressing all the stuff below and clearing up the diagrams conciderably. For the major differences between the versions look here.

  • Adjust color of stars and texts to the color of the main entity. (done)
  • Add star endings to state connectors to act as on and off switches. (no longer applicable)
  • clickable drains, sources, converters and traders (done)
  • turnbased drains, sources, converters and traders (done)
  • inverse skill and random checks (or be able to affect the skill and the randomness) (done)
  • make more clear which start end marker affect what connections (put them in square boxes overlaying the connection) (diagrams are less clutered, it is no longer a big issue, I think)
  • make it easer to select connections (done)
  • feedback on submit (no longer applicable, there is no submitting, instead you save and open files locally)
  • clearness of syntax (it became a lot more intuitive)
  • add comparisons (==, >= <=, < >) to start markers for state connections. (done)
  • allow random end markers for drains and convertors. (done)
  • add a simplified trader that can work as a shortcut. (done)
  • create a setting to choose whether to affect the numerator or denominator of fractions (the whole fractions thing changed)
  • adjustable running speed (done)

version 1.02

  • Activate a random knot to generate a random number of resources/or perhaps build a random source specifically for this (done the latter, you can now create random sources and drains by setting the start value of its out put to D6 or any other random value).
  • Activate a drain, converter or trader (with pulling of the required resources) (done).
  • Resource connections to set a value (ending in =1, =2 etc) should also work on pools.. (done)

version 1.01

  • Fix duplication bug that can be found in the trader equivalent pattern (done).
  • String values should evaluate as 1 not as 0. (done)
  • Fraction modifiers are buggy still (done)
  • Sometimes connections are not saved correctly (done)
  • Linking event connections in loop results in strange behaviour i stack overflow... (done)
  • A converter with output 0 should not fire (done)
  • A stop node, stops the diagram when it receives a resource... (done)
  • Add up the state inputs for a pool and allow a number of starting resources (done)
  • Colored links and elements (done)
  • Version control (at least version is visible now)