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<embed src="../Machinations.swf?file=../v40/concepts/connections.xml" width="800x" height="600px"> </embed>
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Flow Connections determine how resources flow through a diagram. The Label of a Resource Connection determines the number of resource that are produced, exchanged or consumed by various nodes.

Resource Connections can start and end in any diagram element (Sources, Drains, Pools, etc), or open space. Resources that flow through a Resource Connection that ends in open space are destroyed when they reach the end. This equivalent of having the Resource Connection ending in a Drain

When the thickness of a Resource Connection is set to 0, it becomes adaptive: it will adjust to its current setting.

Editing Connections

To create Resource Connections using the editor click open space or an element to start it. Click another element to end the Connection at that element. Clicking open space will create waypoints. Double click open space to end the Connection in open space.

When selecting an existing Connection you can drag the control points over open space or elements to attach or detach the connection.

Press Insert or W to add waypoints for existing Connections.