Rescue Gandalf From The Black Tower

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Dark tower.jpg


Be the first player to help Gandalf escape the black tower ; he is trapped in the top room!

Use your spells (and luck) to rescue him.

You win the game by arriving at the final level (see below) with four colored magic cards (which together form the powerful spell to free Gandalf)

Playing area

  • a black tower, surrounded by colored tiles, arranged in levels, levels gradually going up (highest level is top of tower)
  • colors: blue, red, orange, green, grey, (these are ground squares) and white (this is 'air' square / ravijn)
  • coins: this represents 'magic' (mana, magic points etc)


each turn, a player can either:

  • throw 1 dice and move 1 square (throw 1-3) or 2 squares (throw 4-6): (this may involve a wizard battle if the square moving over/to is already blocked by another player)
  • use magic to build a bridge (colored card) in your own color which covers a white square (cost: 1 coin or 1 colored card)
  • use magic to produce a part of the powerful spell to free Gandalf (colored card) (cost: 1 coin)
  • this only works if in your 3 dice throws there is no '1' thrown (this makes the spell fail)
  • if the spell succeeds, you earn the part of the spell (=card) which you can keep
  • specialisation: you can either collect 4 different magic colors (=cards) or 4 of the same color

how to earn money:

  • allow another player to cross your magic bridge (1 coin)
  • if you land on a square of your own color, you earn 1 coin (magic restoration)
  • release one of your magic bridges, you earn 1 coin

wizard battle: either bribe your way through (cost 1 coin) or throw the dice to fight. Highest dice throw wins. If the player wanting to pass is the winner, he/she can pass. If that player is the loser, he/she cannot pass.


1. converter engine (magic coins to spells, spells back to coins)

2. playing style reinforcement: you have to choose to get only 1 color of cards, or go for all different colors of cards.


I've highlighted the part of the structure I think is the most interesting and would focus on in redesigning the game.

- Joris