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The headings below indicate the general structure for describing the patterns in this library. This structure is similar to the structure for software design patterns laid out by Gamma et. al. (1995) in Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software


A short statement that describes what the pattern does, and what problem it addresses.

Also Known As

Other well-known names for the pattern


A more detailed discussion of the pattern and how it works. Gamma et. al. use scenarios balance the more abstract description of the structure below.


What are the situations the pattern can be applied?


A graphical representation of the pattern using the Machinations diagram language.


The elements, mechanics and compound structures that are identifiable parts of the pattern.


How participants collaborate.


The results of using the pattern, including trade-offs and possible risks.


A more detailed discussion of different techniques to implement the pattern. A discussion of different variations on the pattern.

I am looking for a way of including interactive diagrams here.


At least two existing examples of the pattern in games. Preferably, the examples of all patterns draw from a large variety of different games.

Related Patterns

What patterns are related to this pattern? Opportunities for pattern combination.


Any discussion about the pattern itself, it's viability, suggestions, alternative constructions, etc. This is the section where the preliminary character of this library is felt the most.