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Version 3.5 (I thought it would be fashionable to have a version 3.5) implements some relatively minor changes to bring the tool in line with the final version of the framework as described in my PhD dissertation (and than a little beyond). These changes include:

  • All nodes now have activation modes and pull modes to control their behavior.
  • The diagram now has three time modes and two distribution modes to control when nodes fire and how resources are distributed.
  • Several names have changed: flow connections are now resource connections. Modifiers are now labels. The old labels are now text labels
  • label modifiers and node modifiers affect their targets when the state of their sources change. It is no longer necessary to know their initial state and targets to know how a diagram might change.
  • Pools can now have negative values.
  • New node type: Registers that allow you to perform more complex arithmetic.
  • Labels of resource and state connections can now have minimum and maximum values.
  • You can now use activators to inhibit resource connections
  • Added the "all" label as an option for labels of resource modifiers.
  • Added the "drawx" label as an option for labels of resource modifiers.

Note: I am still working on this version. There are still a few bugs and things that need to change or added.

  • Several bugs with the activation and inhibiting of nodes (fixed some, not sure if I caught all now)
  • A distribution mode should be added that acts as if all transitions are instantaneous but which renders them differently.
  • "all*0.3" should work.