Machinations Version 3

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The major changes in Machinations version 3 are:

  • Flow Connections and State Connections now have only one Modifier instead of the previous start and end modifiers.
  • Triggers are no longer special instances of Flow Connections but of State Connections instead. Triggers no longer utilize resources and are now instant.
  • Gates are now represented with diamonds, instead of small circles.
  • Gates act more consistent, the old limiter gate is now obsolete and replace by deterministic gates with conditional outputs.
  • Gates can also produce triggers.
  • Pools can no longer be active.
  • Added the Else modifier.
  • The GUI has improved (I hope...)
  • Diagram's should run more smoothly as the rendering engine was improved
  • Formula's for Flow Connection Modifiers and random settings are much more sophisticated. You now can write things like "(D6+2)*2D3/(4*D3-D6)"
  • The XML format changed a little. Version 3.0 can read and convert version 2.x diagrams fairly well.