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Input is provided by selection of the random card

The purpose of the game is to escape from the fire building. He/she select random card which has color and number. Card color stands for the opportunity to the player: red card means that gamer can set fire on the way of second gamer; green color means that player can block the motion of the second user by placing stones; and white color means that player can build the bridge to make the pass through walls. The number on the card shows the strength of the fire, obstacle, or bridge. If player choose for example the red card with number 6 he can put it above the white card (bridge) and set it in fire, that restrict the further motion of the opponent to the goal. Important point is the payer can help the opponent by clearing the way and automatically get the feedback through opportunity to pass through obstacle. The feedback also can be provided by dice, the number can show the spread of the fire.


Example of strategy is as follows, gamer selected the white card and place it on the white area (wall) to make bridge and continue movement. Opponent select red card and place it in front of the first player to block the further motion of the user.


  • Dzmitry Tsetserukou
  • Cristina Costa
  • Leticia Bialoshorski
  • Maaike de Jong
  • Niek Hoeijmakers
  • Michael Mateas