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The following Elements are the core elements of a Machiantions diagram

  • Sources are elements where tokens are produced.
  • Drains are elements where tokens are consumed.
  • Converters destroy tokens to produce new ones.
  • Pools collect tokens.
  • Knots control the flow of tokens.
  • Traders control the exchange of tokens between different Pools.

These elements are connected by two type of connections:

  • Normal Connections that determine how tokens can travel through the diagram.
  • State Connections communicate the state of Pools (the number of tokens on them).

Then there are a few additions that allow you to annotate and control the diagrams

  • Labels can be used to put in text.
  • Group Boxes group elements together visually
  • Charts keep track of the state of Pools over time.
  • End Conditions specify end states, states at which the execution of the diagram terminates
  • AI Boxes can be use to simulate the actions of other players.