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A Delay is a node that receives and holds resource for a specified time before passing it on. When a Delay fires it attempts to pull resources through its inputs.

Delays can have four different activation modes:

  1. Automatic Delays fire once every time step (or once every turn for Turn-Based Diagrams).
  2. Interactive Delays fire when a user activates it by clicking on it.
  3. Starting Delays fire once when a diagram starts running.
  4. Passive Delays only fire when triggered.

The Label of an output Resource Connection determines the number is simulation steps the resources is held at the delay. If Color Coding is activated the resources is passed to the output connection of the corresponding color (or to the output that has the same color as the Delay itself if there is no match). This means that different delay times can be set for different colored resources.

A delay can also be turned into a Queue. A Queue also holds a resource for a specified number of simulation steps. However, where a Delay processes all resources simultaneously, a Queue processes each resource one at a time.

Like a Pool a Delay can have state which represents the number of resources currently on the Delay.