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Artificial Players allow the use of the Machinations tool to simulate players interacting with the diagram. This introduces the possibility of automated multiple tests runs. The implementation of artificial players is rudimentary, but effective. Every line can contain a command which might be preceded by an if statement. Every time the Artificial Player fires it will start at the top of the script and proceed downwards until it finds the first command which it will execute. The next time it will start from the top again. For example, the script in the example below reads:

if (A<5) fire(Produce)
fireRandom(Convert, Convert, Produce)

This script will initially cause the artificial player to Produce, but once it has 5 or more resources on A it has a 2 in 3 chanc e it will start to Convert instead.

An Artficial Player is an element that can control interactive nodes in the diagram, simulating a player firing them. This can be particular useful for trying out strategies or automating scenario's. Don't expect too much from capabilities of an Artificial Player. They are quite rudimentary.

You can set the fire interval of an Artificial Player. This interval is measured in time steps or turns depending on the diagram's Time Mode.

TO DO: Add an overview of all the commands here