game review

Tomb Raider Board Game

Yes, there is a Tomb Raider board game! When I discovered it at a toyshop for only a little money (it was a left-over from the Holiday season) I had to have it. Managed to persuade some friends to play it last weekend and I must admit it is actually a nice game, and my friends agree. It objective of the game is to collect a number of paintings and documents from a labyrinth museum. The board is set up blind and you discover and manipulate the maze as you go along. The mechanics are quite simple and fairly balanced. You have three actions each turn, an action can be used to draw one of three types of cards or to play any number of one type of card. Move cards are used the most as these enable you to explore the museum and manipulate the board. You can also use ammo (shooting) and health cards. These are not used very often but add an important dimension to the game. When someone is carrying an item the only way to get it is to shoot him or her. The game is best played with four, in which case two player will be the good guys and two will be the bad guys. It plays fairly quick (finished in about an hour) the rules are simple but the options for play are diverse enough that it will keep you interested for some time.