game review

Tomb Raider II The Golden Mask

I recently picked up a copy of Tomb Raider II for only a little money. I previously played the third instalment of series, but after reading a few references to the Venice levels and working on an article on platform games it was good 'research'. Although I like the spatial puzzles in Tomb Raider, Lara is very difficult to control which makes this game pretty frustrating from time to time. I also was not really impressed with the Venice levels, I liked the first levels in Tibet better (especially the one in which you take control of a snow-scooter). Still Tomb Raider series consists of mostly solid games, and I really like it when I gracefully steer Lara past a new trap the first time round, even though this happens on accident more frequently than it happens on purpose. Unfortunately, grace is a quality Lara lacks most of the time, mostly she looks rather foolish while running into walls or haphazardly missing jumps. But the game becomes a lot easier once you discover that Lara's world is build out of blocks and that the distance you can jump is exactly the same as in Prince of Persia: 2 blocks for a standing jump, 3 blocks for a running jump, but you need to grab the ledge and pull yourself up in both cases.