Welcome to Sherrington, stranger! It is good that you choose to stay at the Three Copper Inn. It is the finest of the whole town, and let no upstart wizard tell you any different! What is your profession, master? You do look like the type who is fast enough with a blade to kill a couple of giant rats. There is always need for those who clear the sewers of them and their filthy kin. But that amulet your wearing is clearly magic, no? You don't strike me as wizard. Ah well best to leave you to your own business. Still a resourceful man can go a long way in this town, is all I'm saying.

Shadowcaster is a narrative game in development, set in the fantasy city of Sherrington, the player will take on the role of the Shadowcaster, a stranger trained in the ways of the blade, stealth and shadow magic. Over a series of short episodes the shadowcaster can align himself with one of the city's many factions, and rise to a position of power. Of course, status will not come freely or without responsibility.

Taking shape

Progress on Shadowcaster is still continuing. The backstory is being fleshed out and the look and feel is taking definitive form. Currently we are working on the a first level that will function both as an engine test, demo and prelude to the game. The level/story is to be called "The Road to Sherrington" and covers the main character's arrival in the city state of Sherrington. It takes place in the Sherrington Forest where the player needs to find his way to the city. There are a few alternative paths and many secrets to be uncovered. The Sherrington Forest level, as all other levels in Shadowcaster, is designed in such way that the player will need to revisit area a few times before everything it has to offer is uncovered. It will provide the player with a multifaceted playground. In addition, later stories will add new secrets and set up new encounters in the forest. The screenshots below show some of the forest and river locations. The screenshots below show some of the forest and river locations.

On your way to sherrington

A path that leads through a variety of terrain

But how to cross the river?

Maybe this wooden construction hints at a solution?

Project Shadowcaster

Shadowcaster is both a technical and an academic project. It is our attempt to contribute to the development of games, and narrative gaming in particular. The development of Shadowcaster will be accompanied by a series of articles detailing its development. The full list of articles is below:

Shadowcaster is the two-man effort of:

Joris Dormans Jasper Rijnbout
Joris Dormans
is doing:
the narrative engine
character interaction
Jasper Rijnbout
is doing:
the graphic engine
the physics engine

Watch this space for news and updates...