Version 0.95 (beta version)

[download it here] (321kb zip.archive)

PixelDraw is a freeware tool for creating and editing small bitmap images. In contrast to photo editors, PixelDraw is designed to design bitmaps manually, pixel by pixel. Although many features that can be found in PixelDraw resemble those found in commercial and free photo editors all these features were designed with relative small bitmaps in mind. In fact PixelDraw limits the size of any image to 128 pixels in width or height. Performance issues are among the reasons for this limit, but perhaps the most important reason is the fact users that want to edit bigger images are better off using other tools.

PixelDraw is well suited to created tiled bitmaps and textures.

As of version 0.95 PixelDraw can handle DirectDrawSurface files (*.dds) as well as 8bit and 32bit bitmaps.

PixelDraw screenshot

PixelDraw has no installation procedure. Simply unpack the archive and run the executable