The Effectiveness and Efficiency of Model Driven Game Design

In order for techniques from Model Driven Engineering to be accepted at large by the game industry, it is critical that the eff ectiveness and efficiency of these techniques are proven for game development. There is no lack of game design models, but there is no model that has surfaced as an industry standard. Game designers are often reluctant to work with models: they argue these models do not help them design games and actually restrict their creativity. At the same time, the flexibility that model driven engineering allows seems a good fi t for the fluidity of the game design process, while clearly de ned, generic models can be used to develop automated design tools that increase the development's effeciency.

The is article was presented during the Model Driven Game Design workshop colocated with the ICEC conference in Bremen in September 2012. You can find a pdf version of the article here. The offcial Springer publication is to be found at