Version 1.0

[download it here] (277 kb zip archive)

Lucien is a software-assistant for keeping track of references. I use it for all my academic work. When I read books and articles I write down quotes or short summaries in rtf format, add a number of keywords to it and store it on a particular location on my disk. Lucien allows me to search these files, by keyword, author or do text searches on them. It displays the search results in a list for quick reference and you can easily browse these by clicking on them.

Lucien is not a word-processor. It is a small program to search rtf-files. Although you can produce text with Lucien it is not intended for this task, the last thing I want to do is program a spelling and grammar checking routine into Lucien. Likewise, Lucien is not a database program. As a result it may not be the fastest program, but for me its speed is sufficient. At the same time it saved me a lot of overhead, and because I opted to use the rich text file format to store the items you created, the data created for Lucien is extremely portable.

Anyway, I find Lucien a very handy tool. These days I can hardly do without. Every time I wonder whether or not I read something on a particular subject before, I simply ask Lucien…

Oh, in case you’re wondering, the ‘real’ Lucien is of course the librarian of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman.