Kapitein & Co

Captain & Co (as the English translation reads) is a small internet trading game I am designing. It will accompany the educational site ('sea-at-school'), which tracks a small freighter called the Lida that travels the world's oceans. A reporter keeps a log which is uploaded to the site daily, and uploads stories about the goings and travels frequently. The game's concept is that children who visit the site regularly can command their own ship. This virtual ship visits the same locations as the Lida does, and traverses the oceans under the same circumstances. The game takes the real-life input of weather conditions and location to generate events in the game.

Captain & Co is a managing game. Every day the player can select two actions to perform on her ship. When the ship is docked she can hire crew, or buy commodities. When the ship is at see she needs to balance between navigation, maintenance and fun activities to keep the spirit up. Captains that stay on course sell their goods at better prices, while crews that have a lot of fun will work harder. When the weather is rough crewmembers may become seasick, or cargo stored on the deck may be lost. The children compete on making the most money, or and having the cleanest or most fun ship. Choices need to be made daily, and the options are plentiful.

At the moment of this writing, the technical engine for this game is nearly finished, and I am nearly ready to start severe testing and balancing. On the right you can see some screenshots of the game in progress. The game is created with simple techniques: PHP, MySQL and JavaScript. Hopefully a test version will soon be online (although it will be in Dutch).