Evermore Roleplaying

Welcome to Evermore Roleplaying! Here you can find the basic rules and a character sheet for this free roleplaying game. The premises of this game is epic, fantasy role-playing. Although these core rules do not provide a real setting, it is designed with classical fantasy role-playing in mind and will work well enough with many of the well-known settings. The games mechanics were designed to be quick in application, offer a reasonable level of detail but most of all to let the player make some interesting choices that affect the game and the game play. Many wild and inventive plays can be accommodated by the rules and simple variants. Feel free to expand on this basic set. I know I will. Future supplements will add new schools of magic, extra virtues, more exotic weapons and monsters, and different settings to the game. I am currently working on a set of rules that accommodates roleplaying in a Victorian Science Fiction setting.

At the core of the game mechanics is the way Evermore uses its multiple dice system. Most of the time the players will need to distribute a pool of 7 dice over multiple actions. The more dice directed to one action the greater the chance that action will succeed. The Game Master (or GM) is encouraged to challenge the player to distribute her dice pool as often as she can. There is no real challenge in climbing a tree. Riding a horse at full speed and jumping of it to grab a branch is much more heroic, exciting and fun.

The other main mechanic of Evermore is the use of Hero Points. Hero Points allow the player to take wild and wondrous actions. Hero Points allow the player to control his luck, by using more dice or re-rolling failed tests. And because Hero Points are regained easily they should be spend easily, too. Hero Points balance the game so that fighting numerous weak foes is as much fun and challenging as facing down a single main villain.

The Basic Rules of Evermore contains everything you need to get started. In this 64-page booklet you will find rules for fantasy combat, magic and monsters. There are over one-hundred skills and abilities, numerous pieces of weaponry and equipment and around eighty spells in five different schools of magic. Companion to the Basic Rules is the Standard Character Sheet, download them both below.