Can you restore this world?

Download colours

In this little game the player needs to collect and redistribute colours. The game world starts out grey and colourless. By finding and returning the right colours you can restore this world.


Colours is a brief experiment in game design, I created with GameMaker, a very handy tool which I am going to use for educational purposes later this year. It was a good way to find out what the program can and cannot do. Also Colours is an experiment in gaming style and set-up. I turned some conventions of game the platform game around, and tried to create a game in which you collect and give, a game where you heal instead of kill. The intended effect is aesthetic, both in creating emergent life-like patterns (such as the flocking birds) and the kinesthetic pleasure of flying and gliding the avatar around.

There is only one level on no proper ending, but hopefully there is more to find here soon enough.