game review

Blue Moon City

As board games go Blue Moon City has a pleasant look and feel; the playing pieces come in white, light blue, purple and grey. This matches the futuristic and slightly new age theme of rebuilding an alien city. The players compete to collect cards, crystals and dragon scales, and ultimately for the favour of the gods of blue moon city. Blue moon city is a strategic, collecting and building game, which gameplay lacks the depth of a game like Caylus, but which main asset is that it can be easily played within the hour.

The playing field is created at the beginning of a game and evolves during the course of the game as more buildings are rebuilt. This affects other buildings and the rewards for completing buildings increase. The game is played by collecting cards that represent the resources that are required for building. There are many different colours of resources and all cards have a value between 1 and 3. Drawing the right cards comes down to luck, but the cards themselves are pretty balanced: cards with values 1 and 2 have special rules and can be used to gain extra movement, change the colour of other cards or call in dragons for extra rewards.

I bought and played Blue Moon City while I was at the TIDSE conference in Darmstadt, so this is my first review of a game played with only academics, who all seemed to enjoy it. So thanks to Laura, Michael and Dennis for taking time to play with me ;)