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Blood Bowl

Blood Bowl is a great board game I have been playing since 2002. It is more or less a simulation of a fantasy American football game. You can have teams of elves, orcs, dwarves and of course humans, among others. Every team has its own unique strengths and weaknesses. But the best thing is that teams progress through matches in a league. Each player can earn 'star player points' by scoring touch downs, throwing accurate passes or taking out opponents. This is after all a more violent game than the real sport it is based on. Players are known carry knives and other secret weapon onto the pitch (The that are fielded on the pitch, that is, not the guys I meat in real life to play a game, who are generally only interested in playing the game and grabbing a beer).

Blood Bowl has a lively internet community. There might not be that many players of Blood Bowl in the Netherlands, perhaps a couple of hundreds, but key tournaments attract an international crowd of players from Germany, France, Belgium, the UK, Spain, Italy, Scandinavia and sometimes even beyond. There is an international association of players that among other things has a ranking list. I am proud to say that I am currently a top-20 player. I am not sure how many people are registered with the NAF but my estimate would be 3000 world wide. Those who are also part of the Blood Bowl community probably know me better by my NAF/TBB nick name Yavatol.

The team I have played in the international circuit are wood elves. I like the speed and agility of their play. They score a lot of touch downs but run the risk of being grinded of the pitch by the opposition. My team the Lost Boys recently won the BUBBLE tournament in Utrecht and I usually am a serious competitor for the most touch downs price.

the lost boys
The Lost Boys

Blood Bowl is produced by Games Workshop and as with almost all of their games it is played with metal models that are hand-painted by the players. I like to think I am not a bad painter myself, at least I enjoy painting those 25mm models, but you should see what some people can do. On this page you can find some example of models painted by me. But check out some of the painters sites in the link section.